Stop Drinking for Lent

Clean water is a necessity for life and yet, there are many in third world countries without the luxury that we take for granted from any one of the facets in our homes.  This year for Lent, the Outreach Team is asking each of us to give up drinking beverages when dining out and instead donate the money we save to help build a well for a village in Liberia.

You might even feel called to drink water in lieu of beverages all the time, not only while out to eat. If we give all the money we spend just on beverages, imagine the difference it could make in the life of a community. We may even find we send more than we realize on beverages: juices, coffee, canned or bottled drinks, the convenience store stops, the drive-thru, wine or spirited drinks…and the list could go on. Together, we can help transform the world!

ALL the money raised from our sacrifices will be sent to General Board of Global Ministries of the UMC to a project, Water for Life, to help build 40 wells in 40 villages that do not have access to safe water. Bring the money you have saved to church each Sunday during Lent and deposit in the large water bottle in the sanctuary.

Remember, you can break your fast on Sundays during Lent and enjoy as many drinks as you would like!


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