What does “Shiloh” mean, anyway?

Welcome to the new site for updates, highlights and thoughts for the journey from and for the faith community at Shiloh United Methodist Church (Granite Quarry NC). As the new pastor here, I am still getting acclimated to life in a small town and most days, still trying to find something that seems to have mysteriously disappeared in the move.

In getting acclimated, many have shared stories with me about the church’s past and have allowed me to ask lots of questions about Shiloh’s vision, mission, and purpose. You know, those annoying, yet hopefully helpful, probing questions that help hear where God is calling us.

One question that I have asked several people, and, surprisingly, no one has been able to answer correctly, “What does “Shiloh” mean, anyway?  Besides being a city of some sort mentioned in the Old Testament, why would someone have named a church, “Shiloh”?  Names hold power and definition, so what does “Shiloh” mean for us at Shiloh UMC?

And so maybe, this is a starting point for our journey together.

Looking forward to the journey,